The Hive encaustic studio set up for encaustic classes and workshops

The Hive Encaustic studio Is temporarily closed

I will re-open as soon as possible

The studio is closed so that I can do my part to flatten the curve.  I will be using this time to paint, learn, and create.  I am offering creative planning sessions over the phone. 

I am carrying a limited amount of encaustic supplies for my students.  Please contact me directly if you would like to place an order. 


"Starting with beeswax mixed with a damar resin, I add oil paint to make my palate of colours. I then use a variety of techniques to create beautiful layered imagery within the wax. My work is greatly inspired by the rural Ontario landscape.  

I want each piece to not only be a work of art, but a memory of a  particular time and place, or feeling. This concept also transfers to my workshops, creating a memorable experience for participants."

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Kim Kool

about me

I began my career as an artist in my late 20's while working for a Restorative Justice non-profit.  My role was to assist women as they made the difficult transition from Federal Prison to the community.  I ran a weekly social recreational based program inside of the prison that had a strong arts component.  It was through this roundabout way that I was introduced to encaustic painting.   The moment I dipped my paintbrush into that first pot of wax, I knew that my life was about to change.   My love for encaustic painting has only grown since then and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to paint and teach throughout the province.  

In addition to working with women in prison, I have worked with at-risk youth, and have done planning and facilitation for adults with developmental differences.  I hold a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and English, with a minor in Psychology from St. Thomas University.  I have a Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation from Conrad Grabel University College as well as a Certificate in Trauma Counselling for Front Line Workers from the Hinks-Dellcrest Institute.  I am trained in Peacemaking Circles and in Person-Centered Planning (PATH & MAPS)

My true passion is community building and program development with a focus on inclusion, accessibility, and capacity building.  I am always open to hearing your ideas on new partnerships and looking for ways to engage with the community.  Please feel welcome to come and visit me at my studio, The Hive.

In addition to The Hive, my encaustic work can be found at The Georgian Artisan Shop (Thornbury) and Hamel Brooms (St. Jacobs),  I am also a lover of all things local, handcrafted, and interesting.  I love meeting other artists and craftspeople, sampling local cuisine and craft beer, and exploring breweries, wineries, shops, studios, and galleries!  

Interested in purchasing art?

encaustic art.  9 individual 4x4 encaustic paintings placed together to form one encaustic piece.

smaller work

During Covid 19 I have a number of smaller pieces available.  Please connect with me if you are interested in making a purchase and I will send you images of current inventory. I will ship to you (Canada only) or to an address of your choice if you are giving as a gift.

6x6 $90

4x6 $75

4x4 $50

Small original 'art cards' mounted on 5x7 backing $28

larger pieces

Contact me directly to set up an appointment.  

about Encaustic painting

the hive encaustic studio

the hive encaustic studio

Colourful pots of encaustic paint ready for encaustic classes and encaustic workshops

Encaustics is an ancient art form that involves fusing layers of oil tinted beeswax together with various heating techniques  As the layers are built up, objects can be embedded in the wax and gouging techniques are incorporated to create shapes and designs.  Colours are used simultaneously to add depth and beauty to the work.  Encaustics is a unique medium which allows participants to explore their creativity while effectively engaging the senses. It is both deeply therapeutic while at the same promoting a sense of play.

Caring for your Encaustic Painting; Encaustic will not melt until it reaches close to 180 degrees.  It does not like extreme variations in temperature.  It is also best to not hang your encaustic painting in direct sunlight for long periods of time, or next to a fireplace.  

Encaustic is extremely durable and will not fade or deteriorate, but the surface can be scratched, gouged, or chipped if not handled with care.  

As the beeswax cures it can develop a dull or whitish cast known as a 'bloom'.  This is simply the natural process of oils migrating to the surface of the wax.  A gentle polish with a soft, lint free cotton cloth will bring back the natural luminosity and shine of the piece.

the hive encaustic studio

the hive encaustic studio

the hive encaustic studio

The hive encaustic studio all set up for workshops and classes

Located in the historic Alton Mill Arts Centre (Caledon, ON),  The Hive Encaustic Studio is a vibrant community space in which to play and develop your creative process. Encaustic Supplies are also available at The Hive. Locally sourced beeswax, encaustic medium, encaustic paint, irons, stylus tools, and more.  Sustainability is important to me.  The supplies used at The Hive are carefully sourced and every effort is made to ensure that the practices at the studio are as eco-friendly as possible.  

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